It’s fine… Those two words. They’re so benign. Harmless. It’s all ok.

But is it really?

My job is fine. My relationship is fine. Being at home with the children is fine. It’s fine that I didn’t get the job that I wanted. It’s fine that I have a constant low-level panic about money – I can’t change anything anyway.

Fine is just a cover for what we’re putting up with, what we’re tolerating. We’ve been conditioned to persevere, to learn to live with things, to not make a fuss or demand too much, not to complain. We get used to fine. Sometimes fine is comforting.

And it can be dangerous because – unlike unhappiness – often it’s barely noticeable. And it shrinks our world, our outlook and our opportunities. Fine can be paralyzing.

Admitting something’s not fine is not giving up. It’s not giving in. It’s not weak or complaining. It’s positive. It’s taking control. It’s shaping the life you want.

Getting rid of the fine in your life will create space for new perspectives and opportunities and in the process you will learn how to notice the next time you start feeling fine and do something about it.

If you want to talk about what’s fine in your life and make the change, do get in touch.