McKinsey’s Women in the Workplace 2023 reveals some hard-fought gains at the top – the number of women in the C-suite has risen from 17-28%, the highest it’s ever been.

But the pipeline of women at manager and director level has only grown three or four percentage points and female directors are leaving businesses faster than men and at a higher rate than in the past two years.

The report highlights four myths:

Myth: Women are becoming less ambitious
Reality: Women are more ambitious than before the pandemic—and flexibility is fuelling that ambition

Myth: The biggest barrier to women’s advancement is the ‘glass ceiling’
Reality: The ‘broken rung’ is the greatest obstacle women face on the path to senior leadership

Myth: Microaggressions have a ‘micro’ impact
Reality: Microaggressions have a large and lasting impact on women

Myth: It’s mostly women who want—and benefit from—flexible work
Reality: Men and women see flexibility as a ‘top 3’ employee benefit and critical to their company’s success.

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